Walking Dead Season 5
The cropped image shows Daryl's choked for words AMC

A new image from the forthcoming fifth season of AMC's The Walking Dead (via Entertainment Weekly) shows fan-favourite character Daryl Dixon in a bit of a pickle to say the least.

Beaten and gagged, Daryl – played by Norman Reedus – clearly finds himself at the mercy of some nefarious bad guys of the living, breathing, non-shuffling variety at some point in the near future.

Unless that is, zombies have learned to tie knots and resist the temptation of exposed necks.

Walking D
But the full image doesn't give much more clue as to what got him trussed up in this state AMC

The questions for Walking Dead fans are obvious: how does Daryl get in this position, and does he escape? Could it be the people of Terminus? That's the immediate answer that springs to mind, but despite numerous theories, we still don't know exactly what they're up to.

Season four came to a close in March with Daryl imprisoned by the people of Terminus following a shoot-out. The memorable cliffhanger ends with Rick (Andrew Lincoln) declaring that they are "screwing with the wrong people" after being thrown into a train car with son Carl (Chandler Riggs), Michonne (Danai Gurira), Maggie (Lauren Cohan), Glenn (Steven Yeun), Daryl and other survivors.

Theories continue to circulate as to what the people of Terminus are up to, with particular focus on the character of Gareth (a new creation of the TV series) and a particular shot of some bones, including what appears to be a human-rib cage.

Are they cannibals? Could they eat Daryl? There's not long to wait, answers are just a few months away as season five kicks off in October.