The Walking Dead Season 5 debuted with a powerful premiere episode titled No Sanctuary and grabbed the highest viewership rating for AMC.

Though the entire episode was flooded with high points, two favourite moments in the zombie horror series would be the emotional reunion of Rick Grimes and Baby Judith, and Daryl Dixon and Carol.

The first five minutes of goriness in the premiere episode faded away from fans' memories with the tear jerking moments that followed.

So, what is next for Rick and Co? Will Morgan rejoin the group in future episodes as the group might head towards Washington DC for a possible cure for the zombie apocalypse?

But the important question is where Beth is and if she is alive or dead.

Fans of the blockbuster horror drama suspect that the once naive daughter of Hershel Greene is actually dead after being kidnapped by some unknown assailants in Season 4 of TWD.

"EK talks about Beth in past tense. Its unusual to hide actress or Actors, since they don't hide the big names on the show like AL, MMB CC, MC and NR, (esp because she has been seen in the trailer already)I am wondering why we are seeing Tyler filming and no EK or the guy she walked into the hospital red brick building with, (Tyler and EK)as they are seen in the trailer def being together. All the signs are there, you just need to know how to read them," one viewer posted his views in the Walking Dead fan website via the Epoch Times.

Amidst the mystery of Beth's lost and found saga there are reports that TWD Season 5 may incorporate the most controversial rape scene from the comic book.

The official synopsis of episode 2 titled Strangers, reads: "With supplies running low, Rick leads a mission where the risk might not be worth the reward."

The survivor group will meet Father Gabriel Stokes (Seth Gilliam) in the next episode when he will get surrounded by walkers.

Previously, there are rumours that the crossbow bearer and Carol will find Beth in a creepy hospital which will trigger a love triangle later during the season.

Actor Norman Reedus, however, thinks there is a certain yin and yang relationship between Carol and Daryl.

"There's a certain familiarity with those two characters and there's a certain yin-and-yang element to them, [laughs] which flip-flops every 5 minutes," Reedus told Entertainment Weekly.

"There's a mutual respect for each other. Carol's a different person now. Daryl sort of leaned on Carol at times and I think Carol sort of leans on Daryl at times. A very interesting partnership right there."

The Walking Dead Season 5 episode 2 Strangers airs on Sunday, 19 October in the US on AMC and on 20 October in the UK on Fox TV.

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