The Walking Dead Season 5 is close to its premiere date and spoilers from the sets keep flowing to entertain fans.

Norman Reedus, who plays the fan favourite character of Daryl Dixon, has become instrumental for major leaks about AMC's popular zombie horror drama.

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Reedus revealed that his character Daryl will be more feral than ever and become an integral part of the group.

"Wow, he's trapped in a box, so I think he's probably pretty feral at the moment," Reedus told EW.

"This season he's very much in your face and his shoulders are square to you and he means what he says. He'll look you in the face. People rely on him now and I think before he thought people would cross the street if he was walking toward you. Now he's an integral part of the group. People trust him and I think he's accepted that trust," he added.

The upcoming series will start from where the show ended with the season 4 finale, the Terminus.

In the finale, Rick, Daryl and their group were locked inside a train car on the Terminus while it is still unclear whether the people of the Terminus are cannibals or not.

However, to fans' relief, the trailer of the zombie series makes it clear that Rick and co have managed to escape the terminus torture, but their survival amid the zombie-infested world still remains as tough as it was before.

Actor Josh McDermitt, who plays the character of Eugene Porter, told Wetpaint that the season 5 of TWD will be "insane and intense".

"I think the tone of this season is going be a lot more intense. ... It's gonna be a fun ride, so, I don't know that they're going [to] just narrow it down and give Eugene his own episode," McDermitt told the website.

"In terms of tone, everything's just more intense, more so than anything I've ever seen in anything we've ever done. It's wild and it goes a thousand miles an hour and we start to see them as they just hit the ground running. It's just super intense, dirty, wild, and I think we're all really proud of it. It's very exciting," he added.

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres on 12 October on AMC.