After Beth Greene's tragic death the equation among the survivors appears to have turned upside down; at least the new promo of The Walking Dead Season 5 hints so.

According to Design and Trend report, the entire group is gripped by fear as they don't have a roof to take shelter. Their only safe heaven, the church of Father Gabriel's, has already burned to ashes.

During the mid-season finale, the entire group was reunited but the sense of insecurity remains high which might work against their survival in the zombie infested land.

The website also suspects that "Maggie will confront her dark side and that the entire show is about to undergo a huge emotional and geographic change."

Maggie may emerge as a far better player than ever, especially after losing Beth in the creepy Atlanta hospital. Until now she has lost two of the most important persons in her life including her father Herschel Greene and sister Beth.

The fact that they both were killed by power-hungry people in the zombie-infested world will enrage the only surviving Greene daughter, and as seen in the latest promo released by AMC she will hold more aggressive position in the second half of TWD season 5 than the first one.

Showrunner Scott M. Gimple has already hinted that characters will transform dramatically in the second half of TWD season 5.

Gimple went on to suggest fans to prepare themselves to see a ruthless and darker Rick Grimes when the show returns in February.

"Rick will be darker, but it's all to keep his family safe and his people safe," Gimple explains to The Hollywood Reporter. "That's an incredibly humanistic thing. You don't want to be the human on the other side of that equation."

The Walking Dead season 5 returns to AMC on Sunday, 9 February.