The Walking Dead Season 5 mid-season finale almost ended all that was good in the post apocalyptic zombie world with Beth's death. Fans are more than eager to know what lies ahead for Rick Grimes and groups as they move ahead from Atlanta.

There is a buzz that Michonne will have a major story line when the show returns, while the group will face deadlier villains than the cannibal Termites.

"There's going to be significantly more Michonne in the second half of the season," showrunner Scott Gimple confirmed during an interview with Variety.

Michonne was literally reduced to a babysitter during the first half of season 5 of TWD but according to rumours she will come forward with Carol-like heroism.

Rick Grimes, on the other hand, will take father Gabriel along to safeguard him.

The zombie apocalypse has turned Rick into a ruthless killer but he knows this is the only way he can survive and save his group from the Walkers and human predators. However, he has always been against holding any liable baggage apart from his baby daughter, Judith.

"Rick has seen that this guy is not necessarily a villain ... Gabriel is somebody who is just catching up to what the world is and his place within it. Rick still has a great deal of that humanity left. He isn't simply a monster, and I think that's good for Gabriel," Gimple told TV Guide while explaining the soft side of the group leader.

Meanwhile, Wetpaint reported that a scene from episode 9 has been leaked much before Season 5 began.

According to the entertainment website, the video was posted by A Spoiling Dead member on Vimeo.

The Walking Dead Filming Sneak Peek 8.27.14 from The Spoiling Dead Fans on Vimeo.

The description on the video reads:

"Tyler (Noah) is on the porch of a house, down against the railing with a table covering him. Two walkers are trying to get to him but the table is blocking them. Glenn runs to the porch and takes out one walker followed by Rick taking out the second. Michonne takes one out on the ground. Rick and Glenn moved the table off of Tyler and pull him up. Rick then jumps down from the porch to help Michonne."

The Walking Dead Season 5 returns with the rest of the episodes on February 8 on AMC Networks.