The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman has some really strong words of caution for fans before the season 7 premiere. While viewers are eagerly waiting to find out which of their favorite character will die, Kirkman was of the view that the episode will deliver more blows than the fans could have imagined.

In an interview with Hollywood Reporter, Kirkman hinted at the show would follow the comic book in the storytelling process as "an average TV viewer" is not that aware of the comic book plot.

"From the comic book series, we do focus on different places. The story did divide a little more; it didn't focus on one group as much as it did. We'll probably be following that," he told the news outlet.

When questioned about Glenn being the obvious victim as per the comic book plot he answered: "The average TV viewer is not going to be aware of the specific storyline from the comic series. That's a moment for the hardcore fans who are aware of that. I wouldn't take a playful moment where we're tipping our hat to those fans to be any indicator to what we have planned or what we're doing. This is us acknowledging that we know there are different tiers to our fan base and we're having fun with it."

The season 6 finale aired in April this year and since then there have been numerous theories suggesting who was killed by Negan. But a majority of the fans believe that Maggie's boyfriend could be the ultimate victim.

Meanwhile, Kirkman also warned of a dangerous season ahead on the show as that character's death would have a deep impact on the plot of the show.

"It's a very dangerous season. We hit the ground running with the first episode and that really sets the tone for this," he told the website, adding that Negan's terror in the premier episode is just the beginning of his terrorising presence in season 7.

Walking Dead season 7
The season 7 of Walking Dead is set to introduce new societies flourishing amid the zombie outbreak AMC

"Negan is ever-present. This isn't the end of his story; this isn't any kind of singular event. This is the introduction of a new status quo in this world and it'll make the show more dangerous than it's ever been. And that's going to continue throughout the season. I said leading up to the end of season six that Negan changes everything in every way you can imagine. And season seven will prove that," he said.

While there were reports that the Savior leader will kill multiple Alexandrians in the opening scene, the show's creator thinks, one big death (which is looming) will be extreme for fans and even admitted that he had a hard time watching the premiere episode.

"One death should be enough for this audience and one death will definitely have the affect that we're looking for. It will certainly set the stage for a very exciting season. It's going to be a rough, rough, rough episode emotionally. Knowing what's coming and knowing what happens, it's really hard for me to watch," he said.