Walking Dead season 7
Sasha's fate hangs in balance in Walking Dead season 7 Gene Page/AMC

The Walking Dead season 7 is set to air a 'heart-stopping' finale and according to the cast and crew the episode is one of the best scripts of the AMC series till now. The penultimate episode has set the stage for the much awaited battle between the armies of Rick Grime and Negan. An unconfirmed report has leaked the fate of Sasha and the impending war.

Warning: The article contains major spoilers for TWD season 7 finale

The Spoiling Dead Fans, a TWD Facebook fan page, has revealed the fate of Sasha and Rick in the finale episode that titled The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life. According to the major spoilers leaked by SDF, outcome of the war will be not as tragic as the fate of Sasha.

In the previous episodes, Rosita's instigation worked on Sasha, who vowed to kill Negan. While doing so, she decided to keep the former out of her mission and barged inside the Savior's territory only to get caught by them. Seeing her suicidal tendency Negan give her a choice to live or to die. But she chose life.

However, SDF claims that she will ultimately commit suicide with the plan to turn into a zombie and kill Negan.

The page also claims that the battle between Rick and Negan will take an unprecedented twist after a major backstabbing. One of the alliances that the Alexandrian leader managed to forge will betray him in the middle of the war and this will put Rich and his son Carl's life in peril.

And like the season 5 premiere episode, Carol will again save her team from Savior's fury. King Ezekiel's pet tiger will also play a major part in a jaw dropping scene.

Speaking about the finale, executive producer Greg Nicotero hyped the episode as "one of the best scripts," the TWD team ever produced "just in terms of pure character arc." He also teased that the episode will joint lots of loose threads from the first and second half of the season.

"And it really sums up the trajectory of the second half of the season perfectly. A lot of the questions, and a lot of the things that we spent time cultivating over the first half of the season and the second half of the season, definitely come to a head," he told Pop Sugar.

The Walking Dead season 7 finale will air on AMC at 9pm ET in the US on 2 April a day earlier than its UK airtime, which is scheduled for Monday (3 April) at 9pm on Fox.