Walking Dead season 7
The season 7 of Walking Dead is set to introduce new societies flourishing amid the zombie outbreak AMC

New details from the sets of The Walking Dead season 7 have emerged that reveal a beach scene and a mysterious corpse. The scenes will reportedly be included in episode 6 as new survivors will be introduced in the post-apocalyptic zombie world.

Spoiling Dead Fans, the Facebook fan club for the AMC zombie thriller, have posted a series of pictures from its Jekyll Island location and claimed that Tara Chambler was on the sets.

According to the fan page, the scene description reads: "Two actors discover a human corpse half buried within a small tidal pool. Further down the beach, another person is found washed ashore alive and is carried to a drier section of the beach. After being revived, the survivor slips away from the rescuers while they are distracted and is seen moving inland past the wrack line."

The fan group claims of sighting Tara (played by Alanna Masterson) and Sydney Park (rumoured to play new character Jennie) on a beach sparking rumours that a new group may join Rick's Alexandria safe zone.

Spoiling Dead also claimed that Jennie is a member of a small group of women and children who will eventually meet Tara. However, it remains to be seen, whether Tara and their meeting will translate into another group vs group clash. The Facebook post hints that Tara washes up on shore and is saved by Park's character and another mystery female character. It is unknown whose floating corpse was with Tara.

Yesterday at Jekyll Island Tara, Sydney Park (new character "Jennie"), and another unknown female character were...

Posted by The Spoiling Dead Fans on Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Walking Dead is set to introduce new societies flourishing amid the zombie apocalypse. But contrary to Ricky's group and the uncertainties of their survival, the new groups are doing well as they follow certain rules and most importantly they stick to one place.

One of the most important societies that will be introduced in season 7 is a kingdom ruled by King Ezekiel and his pet tiger Shiva. His men will save Carol and Morgan from the Saviors and it is rumoured that he will play a vital role in freeing Rick and his remaining team from Negan's deadly clutches.

Tara was last seen in season 6, episode 12 where she and Heath were seen leaving for a two-week supply run in an RV. The whereabouts of the characters is still unknown, but the beach scene in the upcoming season might spill some details.

TWD season 7 will premiere on 23 October on AMC.