Walking Dead season 7
Rick and Daryl are reunited in The Walking Dead 7 mid-season finale Gene Page/AMC

The Walking Dead season 7 mid-season finale episode ended with the hope that Rick Grimes will get his mojo back and fight the atrocities of Negan, the leader of the Saviors. The trailer of the upcoming episode offered a contrasting and positive future of the traumatised survivors living in the Hilltop, Alexandria and the Kingdom.

Showrunner Scott Gimple has said that the future of the disgraced leader of the Alexandria Safe Zone will be bright as the vibe will be very different from that of the season 7 premiere. "I will say 7B's vibe is very different from 7A's vibe. The ending of 7B is very different than the beginning of 7A. Just the vibe in 7B, I was just talking about it with Andy [Andrew Lincoln] last night. It's just a very, very different half season than the half season that preceded it."

Rick, who surrendered to Negan's terror in the first half of the season, is set to rise up from the humiliation and regroup with the other leaders facing similar torture at the Saviors. According to the trailer, he appeals to the rest of the leaders to join hands and defeat the evil to live in a secure environment.

His regained strength is largely being credited to Daryl, who successfully escaped from Negan's den. In the trailer for the mid-season premiere episode, the crossbow warrior was seen at the Kingdom along with Rick and gang to convince King Ezekiel to help them beat the Saviours.

That particular scene has increased fans' hope to see a reunion of Carol and Daryl. Carol, who was a badass killed from Rick's group, left everything to lead a peaceful life in the zombie infected world and is now living on the outskirts of the Kingdom. It will be interesting to see whether she reunites with Rick and Daryl and decides to wield the weapons and kill more humans or she remains strong on her choice to stay away from the bloodshed.

The rest of the episodes of the AMC zombie thriller will return on 12 February 2017.