The mid-season finale of The Walking Dead season 7 titled Hearts Still Beating has left fans anticipating some energised episodes, when the show returns in February. And if the promo of episode 9 is to be believed, Rick Grimes is set to return to his confident form.

The leader of the Alexandra Safe Zone, who was tormented mentally to bow down to Negan, has risen above his grief and guilt to stand up for his people and fight back atrocities of the ruthless leader of the Saviors.

In episode 8, fans saw Daryl escape Negan's den and reunite with his friends at Alexandria. As the Savior leader had said in the premiere episode "a leader is nothing without his right hand", it seems like Rick will gain some support and together with Daryl will become the man in charge.

In the promo of the mid-season premiere episode, Rick reunites all the leaders of different communities, including the Hilltop and the Kingdom, and urges them to help in fighting the ruthless leader.

"Alexandria, Hilltop and Kingdom are communities that have something in common. We are all serving the Saviors," Rick tells the leaders to get their support in the war he has declared.

"We already started this and we're gonna win, whatever it takes. Together we can beat them and set things right," Aaron adds in his inspirational team address to get everyone's support in the fight.

In one scene, Rick can be seen asking King Ezekiel to join them in the fight. It remains to be seen, how other societies will react to Rick's plea, but from the promo, it can be assumed that Rick will not stop until he avenges the death of his loved ones at the hand of the Savior leader and this time he will do it strategically.

After Daryl's successful prison break, Rick can trust the crossbow warrior's knowledge about the Sanctuary and plan a perfect attack that will stun and defeat Negan. Walking Dead season 7 will return with episode 9 in February 2017. The premiere date is yet to be announced by AMC.