Kevin Smith hopes to unveil Tusk at next year's Sundance Film Festival (Reuters)
Kevin Smith hopes to unveil Tusk at next year's Sundance Film Festival (Reuters)

A bizarre Gumtree advert looking for a lodger willing to act like a walrus is the inspiration for a new horror film by cult director Kevin Smith.

The advert, which went viral earlier this year, said the tenant would be able to live at the house in Brighton for free if he was willing to wear a walrus costume and "make utterances in the voice of a walrus" for up to two hours a day.

One of the people who saw the ad was the Clerks and Chasing Amy director, who decided he would talk about it on his weekly podcaster with producer Scott Mosier.

However, instead of discussing what he described as "one of the most peculiar we would ever tackle on the show," Smith decided to expand upon the idea into a full movie Tusk - a parody of a 1970s Hammer Horror movie "in which a mad scientist intends to sew some hapless lodger into counterfeit blubber".

Smith revealed that he intends to have Tusk to premier at next year's Sundance festival. "That would mean, six months after the first conversation about a walrus flick, Tusk would exist as a movie" he added.

The inspiration for the film came from an anonymous poster on the listings website Gumtree who wished to recreate "the most intense and fascinating" three years of his life alone on St. Lawrence Island in Brighton.

The advertiser said that during these years, he made friends with a walrus named Gregory.

"Never have I had such a fulfilling friendship with anyone, human or otherwise, and upon leaving the island I was heartbroken for months," the post read.

It added that the successfully applicant would be able to live in the house rent-free if he was willing to wear a life-like walrus costume he had made.

The post continued: "To take on the position as my lodger you must be prepared to wear the walrus suit for approximately two hours each day (in practice, this is not two hours every day - I merely state it here so you are able to have a clear idea of the workload).

"Whilst in the walrus costume you must be a walrus - there must be no speaking in a human voice, and any communication must entail making utterances in the voice of a walrus - I believe there are recordings available on the web - to me, the voice is the most natural thing I have ever heard. "

Other duties that was included as part of the agreement including eating the fish and crabs occasionally threw at the lodger whilst dressed in the full walrus costume.

After the advert went viral, the poster gave an update which said he eventually found a new lodger after an "overwhelming response".