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Emma Bunton is spicing up her showbusiness career by taking a sidestep into television. The former singer and radio DJ will star in the new series of Murder in Successville on BBC Three.

The 40-year-old star, best known for her ditzy persona of Baby Spice in the globally famous 90s band the Spice Girls, will join DI Sleet to investigate the gory murder of James May – a North Successville policeman.

As the plot unfolds, the vigilante duo are called in by the North Successville police department to solve the crime, but they might not achieve success due to Bunton's fear of pretty much everything and Sleet's relentless pursuing of the enticing Nigella Lawson, who so happens to be the Chief of Police. How do they get anything done...

But they'll face pressure to solve the grizzly murder hastily as they soon encounter May's partner, Jeremy Clarkson – shock horror – and things take a darker turn for the inauspicious community of North Successville.

It's a classic case of whodunit: could it be the hygiene-challenged diner owner Katy Perry, or perhaps the murder is down to the borderline insane fisherman Ian McKellen – or even the remarkably creepy Louis Walsh, a former cop whose log cabin is the home of many a stuffed animal. Yikes.

Let's hope Bunton isn't a Baby about it, bucks up the courage and solves the murder mystery. Watch Murder in Successville on Wednesday (15 June) on BBC Three.

emma bunton
Emma Bunton and Tom Davis in Murder in Successville BBC