Nokia phone stops bullet
Probably should have put a case on it Twitter/9GAG

A Nokia phone was subjected to the ultimate durability test after being hit by a bullet, saving a man's life in the process. Microsoft employee Peter Skillman shared a picture on Twitter showing a Nokia device with a bullet wedged in the middle of it, which was being carried by the unnamed man at the time.

Skillman used to be an employee of the Microsoft division that worked on the phone, reports The Next Web. "A Nokia phone I worked on a few years ago saved the life of a man in Afghanistan last week," he tweeted. There's no way that phone is ever turning on again, but at least it died for a good cause.

As it turns out, mobile phones have a bit of a knack for saving people's lives. In February, a New Zealand resident who was talking on his Samsung flip-phone when he was caught in a hydraulic explosion was saved, when the handset deflected the flames away from his lungs.

Last year, a man who found himself on the wrong end of a sawn-off shotgun was saved when his iPhone 5C took the brunt of the blast.

Naturally, we strongly recommend against you going away to try this for yourself.