The final episode of War And Peace will be aired on Sunday at 9pm. Unlike the previous ones, the last episode of the critically-acclaimed adaptation of Tolstoy's classic will be 80 minutes long.

Warning: Spoilers ahead

Chaos ensues as Napoleon marches into Moscow and the Rostovs rush to leave the city. As they hurry away, Natasha is astonished to learn the identity of one of her travelling companions and finds she has a chance to make amends at last. Sonya, meanwhile, comes under pressure from the countess to make a big sacrifice for her family.

Half-mad after his experience of battle, Pierre sets out to end Napoleon's onslaught once and for all, but is taken prisoner. As the harsh winter sets in, he witnesses horrors and acts of kindness that change his view of life forever.

In the final chapter of BBC One's War And Peace, Napoleon Bonaparte is advancing on the Russian capital and all of Moscow is seized by panic. Russia had never tasted failure in 100 years, before Napoleon invaded the country and the battle of Borodino ensued. What will be the aftermath of the war? Will Russia win? The Rostovs are planning to leave the city. What will happen to them? What will happen to Pierre who has plunged into the war? Will Andrei seek revenge against Natasha? Every question will be answered in the final episode.

The opening of the show invited criticism especially for including intimate and incestuous scenes. But that did not stop War And Peace from becoming an instant hit with the audience. The fact that around 6.3 million watched the launch episode and 5.1 million watched last week's chapter testifies to the show's success.