America's Got Talent
America's Got Talent season 11 panel including (from left) Howie Mandel, Mel B, Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum and Nick Cannon Art Streiber/NBC

America's Got Talent is back with season 11 and the premiere episode will air on NBC on 31 May. Apart from the versatile performers showcasing their diverse talent in the upcoming season, there is another high-point for the show. British record producer Simon Cowell, who is famed for creating the Got Talent series will be back on American reality TV after two-and-half years, as a judge.

Watch the premiere episode of America's Got Talent that airs on Tuesday on NBC at 10pm EST. Click here to watch the episode live online on NBC's official website.

Cowell has not only revolutionised talent hunt TV shows, but also made his previous ventures such as American Idol, and X Factor huge successes with his sarcastic comments on participants.

The popular 56-year-old reality TV judge prepares to bring his sharp comments and opinion to season 11 of NBC's summer series America's Got Talent, replacing former judge Howard Stern. Cowell will join the show's panellists Heidi Klum, Mel B and Howie Mandel along with host Nick Cannon.

Watch the trailer for season 11 of America's Got Talent below:

In the promo, co-judge Howie says, "He will ask purposely ridiculous questions, like when did you start dancing with your dog," bringing up Cowell's sarcastic style on the reality talent show.

Judging by the sneak peek, it seems like Cowell will not reserve his words just for participants as tells fellow judge Mel B, "I think sometimes she just has the most appalling lack of taste." His opinionated confessional also sees him judging Klum, as he is says, "Her voice is so weird."

One of the performances to look out for during Tuesday's premiere will be the singing group called Linkin' Bridge. When the tough-looking men take to stage, the judges was surely awe-struck by the melodious rendition of Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

To watch such heart-rending performances, tune in to America's Got Talent on 31 May on NBC.