Bachelorette premiered its season 12 last week featuring the beautiful JoJo Fletcher, who is in search for her love. The reality TV show returns with a brand new episode on 30 May on ABC with group dates and interesting competitions to find the ultimate suitor for JoJo.

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Warning: This article contains potential spoilers for episode 2 of Bachelorette season 12

After setting the stage for 26 bachelors to win over JoJo in episode 1 of the romantic reality TV series, episode 2 will see the bachelorette going out on group dates. In the season premiere, 10 suitors took a crash course in firefighting, Grant Kemp, a professional firefighter was the winner of the round. However, simply performing during competitions will not be enough to impress 25-year-old JoJo this season. According to reports, the group date rose would go to Wells Adams, despite Grant nailing the round.

The batch of suitors will get smaller by the time the successful real estate developer joins the men for her second group date. This time, the gang will find themselves at ESPN's SportsNation, where they would be introduced to hosts Max Kellerman and Marcellus Wiley.

Another report claimed that after competing through three events, James Taylor would be the lucky man to win the coveted rose from JoJo.

Meanwhile, the bachelorette will also enjoy a quick get-away to San Francisco for a one-on-one date with Derek Peth, who is a commercial banker by profession.

While the ABC dating show has just aired its first episode, some suitors already seem to have cast a spell on JoJo. In the first episode itself, former football player Jordan Rodgers made a strong impression by winning both the rose and a kiss from the bachelorette.

"But, I couldn't help think of when Jordan stepped out of the limo, I knew there was a connection between us," she later said after the season premiere. While some continue to woo the lady, another suitor Chad Johnson will reveal his aggressive side as he says referring to Rodgers in the trailer for episode 2, "When you go home you think I can't find you?"

To know what happens on the second week of Bachelorette season 12, tune in to ABC on Monday.