The Big Bang Theory returns with a new episode tonight, Thursday, 26 February at 8pm on CBS Network.

Episode 16 is titled, The Intimacy Acceleration, where Sheldon and Penny try on an experiment which makes people fall in love.

Click here to watch the episode via live stream online and click here to watch the episode online. The official synopsis reads as follows:

As a joke, Sheldon and Penny try an experiment designed to make participants fall in love. Also, Leonard, Amy, Raj and Emily spend the evening trying to escape a room with a "zombie." And, after returning from Mrs. Wolowitz' funeral, Bernadette and Howard run into trouble at the airport, on The Big Bang Theory.

As the gang is having dinner, Amy talks about a new experiment. "I just read about an experiment, designed to see if you can make two people fall in love in a matter of hours," Amy declares.

The participants have to answer intimate questions and stare into the other's eyes, to fall in love. "That doesn't sound right," replies Leonard and the group debates about the theory, with Sheldon calling it ridiculous.

But when challenged by Penny, he agrees to participate in the experiment with her, while Leonard agrees to do the same with Amy.

Another sneak-peek shows Sheldon and Penny participating in the experiment and asking each other questions about their personal lives.

"What would constitute your perfect date?" Sheldon asks Penny. "I would probably sleep in, do a little yoga", Penny explains, adding "then lie on the beach while cute boys bring me drinks and probably get a massage and cap off the night with some dancing."

"What about Leonard?" Sheldon asks, to which Penny replies that he's bought a book.

Sheldon also explains his perfect day to Penny, which begins with a French toast and ends in travel to the future where his towering intellect is used to save the last remnants of human kind from a predatory alien race.