Bloodline season 2 premieres all 10 episodes at once on 27 May on Netflix Netflix

Bloodline season 2 will premiere with 10 episodes on 27 May on Netflix. The original thriller ended its pilot season on a cliffhanger, where Danny Rayburn, the black sheep of the family was killed, but not buried.

Season 2 of the family drama will return with darker episodes, at least the promos suggest so. Click here to watch all the episodes of Bloodline season 2 on the Netflix website. You can also watch the series on your computer, mobile, iPad or other Netflix-enabled devices here.

Watch the trailer of the Bloodline season 2 here:

The promo follows the life of the Rayburn family in the wake of their brother/son Danny's murder by younger brother/son John Rayburn. Clearly, the siblings are still reeling from the sudden death of Danny as in the promo John is seen approaching his little brother Kevin to teach him how to keep secrets.

"We are always gonna be dealing with this," John says, "And you better f***ing get used to that." Although John himself killed his brother, he anticipates his return, "Whenever Danny comes up, you gotta be smart. You gotta say as little as possible, you have gotta do as little as possible," he adds warning young Kevin.

When the oldest Rayburn son returned home in the beginning of season 1 of Bloodline, he brought with himself turmoil that eventually affected the whole of the family. Even before Danny was taken down by his brother, there was indications of a dark past of the family. Now, as the Netflix thriller prepares for its second run, it seems like Danny will be back again with troubles and dark secrets for the Rayburn siblings.

The official synopsis of the second season of Bloodline reads:

Bloodline stars Emmy-nominated actors Kyle Chandler and Ben Mendelson as brothers John and Danny Rayburn respectively. Joining the twisted clan this season are Owen Teague as Nolan (Danny's secret son), his mother Evangeline played by Andrea Riseborough, and Danny's old acquaintance Ozzy Delvecchio played by John Leguizamo.