Ubisoft has revealed the first look at gameplay for its hack-em-up sequel Watch Dogs 2 showing lead character Marcus Holloway and his Dedsec allies infiltrating the home of a social media mogul.

The footage (below) shows in-game action from the game's Dedsec Infiltration mission. The mission focuses around the definitely-not-Anonymous hacker group Dedsec railing against the definitely-not-Facebook social media platform, "!NV!TE", who are corrupting a government vote by manipulating user data.

Hipster hero Marcus is instantly seen hopping around the sun-drenched city streets in a way that suggests that movement will be far more fluid than in the 2014 original. The footage then shows how Marcus' smartphone/hacking-tool can manipulate the CTOS network to remotely control a car and pilot his quadcopter drone to scout a target building.

The trailer's narrator notes that all missions can be tackled as a "ghost, aggressor or as a trickster" with different gameplay styles seemingly offering a level of choice that was underdeveloped in the Aiden Pierce-starring first game. The footage seems to emphasise how the game is taking a more playful approach to its cyber-attacking, anti-establishment premise.

Ubisoft posted another trailer (also below) titled 'Hack Everything' which seemed to echo this theme, as it shows off the many ways in which Marcus can turn the streets of San Francisco into his personal playground.

The San Francisco-set techno-thriller is set to launch on Xbox One, PS4 and PC on 15 November, 2016.

YouTube / Ubisoft

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