Empire season 2 episode 14
Hakeem Lyon addresses a board meeting in style in Empire season 2 Fox

Empire season 2 returns with a new episode this Wednesday when Anika Calhoun will reveal her pregnancy news to the Lyon family, while Lucious Lyon will try to sabotage Hakeem's CEO position at Empire Entertainment.

Episode 14 titled Time Shall Unfold will air on 20 April at 9pm EST on Fox. The official synopsis reads as follows:

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In the previous episode, the Lyon family reunited for Cookie's birthday but it all went crashing down when Andre learned that his grandmother was bipolar, like him. Also, Hakeem proposed to Laura Calleros.

A promo for the upcoming episode shows Andre warning his brother Hakeem about Lucious. Andre says: "Shareholders meeting is more than just a show. Lucious is going to be a challenge for you."

We then see Cookie with her family at Lyon's house, as Rhonda brings Anika with her. Cookie asks: "What is she doing here?" Anika reply: "I am pregnant. It's Hakeem's."

The video also shows Cookie at the shareholders meeting, where she introduces: "Your chief executive officer Hakeem Lyon," even as the crowd cheers for the young Lyon. When Lucious pops up in the crowd, Hakeem warns his father: "You can't take over this meeting." But Lucious says: "I am just asking questions any competent CEO could answer."

Also, Cookie will not be thrilled to know that Freda Gatz, who is singing with Jamal, is Frank Gathers daughter. Fans remember that Lucious had Frank killed after he threatened Cookie. Lucious says: "She [Freda] is not a problem." But Cookie points out: "You killed her father. I don't want that dangerous b***h around my boys."

Will Anika's pregnancy break Laura and Hakeem's engagement? Will Lucious get his CEO position back from Hakeem? To know more keep watching Empire every Wednesdays on Fox.