Faking it season 2
Faking It returns with second half of season 2 on 31 August MTV

Faking It season 2 returns with its mid-season premiere on Monday, 31 August on MTV. Episode 11 titled Stripped, will find Karma hiding something from Amy as the relationship between the two best friends is put to the test yet again.

According to the official synopsis, "A new principal cracks down on Hester; Shane leads a revolt; Amy suspects that Karma is hiding something." Click here to watch the episode online on MTV's official website.

The mid-season finale of Faking It season 2 left all the characters in a mess, with Karma forgiving Amy and Liam, but obviously still having trust issues. Shane outs his boyfriend Duke as gay, who then publicly declares his love for Shane at a press conference, while Amy and Reagan are unsure about their feelings for each other.

The latest trailer of the upcoming episode is titled Secrets. Amy who comes to Karma's place suspects the latter is hiding something. Her suspicions are confirmed when Amy sees Karma packing her clothes into two boxes and Felix showing up later. What is Karma hiding?

The second half of season 2 may see Karma and Amy finally kissing in a pool. MTV has released a new trailer for its teen series, where Karma (Katie Stevens) tries to convince Amy (Rita Volk) and Liam (Gregg Sulkin) that she is not mad at them anymore. Amy tells her mother, "She [Karma] has totally forgotten me for sleeping with Liam."

The next scene shows Amy, Karma and Liam in a car and Karma convincing everyone that she is over it. However, in the very next scene we see Karma telling Liam, "I want to forgive you, but I need to be in control" as she ties him up and makes out with him. Later, in the promo we see Liam hooking up with another girl.

The trailer also shows a new potential love interest for Amy, with a mysterious guy asking her, "You are not straight ... then what are you?" "Allergic to peanuts, and labels" replies Amy, and we see them kiss later. However, we last saw Amy in a relationship with Reagan, but her kissing another guy is bound to stir up trouble for the couple.

We hear Reagan shout, "How can you not tell me you are into guys?" Amy replies, "I am not sure I am."

"My old feelings for Karma came back" says Amy in the promo video, as we see Karma and Amy sharing a kiss in the pool.