Faking it season 2
Karma, Shane and Amy in Faking it season 2 MTV

Faking It season 2 returns with an all new episode on 31 August on MTV. Episode 11 is titled Stripped, where Amy suspects Karma "of hiding something".

The latest trailer of the upcoming episode is titled Secrets, wherein Karma can be seen packing her clothes in two boxes, which are labelled "to keep" and "donate". Then, Amy shows up at Karma's place, much to her surprise and says, "Hey boo boo, missed me?" To which Karma replies, "[Amy] what are you doing here?"

"Oh, well, it took me four years to read 50 Shades and I figured you would want it back," states Amy. However, she notices the empty shelves and closets in Karma's room and asks her, "What is happening here? Where are all of your things? You love things!"

"You know.. spring cleaning," Karma replies nervously, "Out with the old, in with the new," she adds. However, her secret is almost busted when Felix (Parker Mack) arrives and Karma tries to cover up her "secret" saying, "Felix here is my new GBF. He's helping me take my wardrobe from drab to fab. Isn't that right, Felix?"

And then Karma convinces Amy to leave, but it quite seems like Karma is hiding something from Amy, which Felix confronts her about.

"I can't believe you told her I was gay," he says. "You think she bought it?" Karma replies.

So, is Karma sleeping with Felix? What about Liam? The first half of season 2 ended with Karma forgiving Amy and Liam for sleeping together.

Meanwhile, actor Rita Volk claims Karma and Amy's future will remain uncertain post the fallout.

She tells MTV: "That's gonna start on a rough patch. When we left the last season, Karma was like, 'I'm over it, and everything is OK' and Amy doesn't quite believe her."

"They'll get worse before they get better," she adds.

Previously, Amy was seen dealing with the pressure of understanding her own sexual orientation, and according to a new report her girlfriend Reagan will debate as to where they stand.

Further, showrunner Carter Covington says, "We're gonna see their relationship deepen, but also get challenged."

"It's gonna be, for Amy, an intense, volatile, emotional ride," Covington claims.

Faking it Season 2B premieres on Monday, 31 August on MTV at 8.30pm CT.