The fosters season 3
Jude and Connor in The Fosters season 3 ABC

The Fosters season 3 returns with its premiere episode on Monday, 8 June at 8pm on ABC.

Episode 1 is titled, The Wreckage, which will pick up after the car crash, involving Mariana, Jesus and Ana.

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The official synopsis reads as follows:

One of the great highlights of season 2 was Jude (Hayden Byerly) and Connor's (Gavin MacIntosh) gay storyline.

Now that the two middle school sweethearts have admitted their feelings for each other, season 3 may showcase the difficulties the two may face at school.

"It's going to be a lot about them moving forward with their relationship. They have a lot of decisions to make about what they want to do about it. We're going to see a lot of that as it's developing," Byerly told Zap2it.

"That's what we're going to see a lot of. It's going to be a lot about sharing and who they want to share their relationship with," Byerly says.

Middle school can be a tough place for anyone, especially when you're 13 years old and coming out of the closet claiming your sexual preference, can be a nightmare. Peer pressure will also test Jude and Connor's relationship in the upcoming season.

The premiere episode would reveal who was killed in the crash, that season 2 ended with. Previously, Jake T Austin had hinted that he may quit the show, leading to speculation that his character Jesus, may be killed off.

Moreover, the latest trailer released by the network shows some characters coping with changes, but it does not have Jesus in it.

Going by the trailer, it seems like a lot has changed in the Fosters household, post the accident.

"A lot of crazy things are going to happen. I definitely think people will be surprised the entire time as they are figuring out everything that happened," Byerly teased and added, "We'll get to see the damage that it's done and the impact that it's had."