Gotham season 2, episode 7 titled Mommy's Little Monster will introduce a new mayor who will bring terror to Gotham city. The episode will also, reportedly, be pretty intense for Nygma (who goes on to become The Riddler).

The upcoming episode's official synopsis reads, "Butch leads Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) and his men to the warehouse where Gertrude (Carol Kane) is being held, as Penguin plots his revenge on Galavan (James Frain) for kidnapping his mother. Meanwhile, Nygma (Cory Michael Smith) deals with the aftermath of a deadly accident."

So what could this "deadly accident" be? Franchise Herald reports that Nygma will accidentally kill the love of his life, Ms Kringle, and this will bring forth repercussions that he'll have to deal with.

Talking about Nygma's gradual transportation into the deadly Batman villain, The Riddler, actor Cory Michael Smith (who plays Nygma) told Collider, "I think you will see very new colours of each personalities [Nygma and The Riddler], and perhaps they are closer to becoming the same person."

"What's more important for me than cutting him up into even more little pieces is for him to eventually come to the place where he's embracing this other side of him. That's the voice that's going to lead him to being the super villain. It's more about luring Nygma into understanding that there's power in these things that he's feeling and doing," the actor said.

Nygma will also try to figure out his real identity after already killing two people. "The thing that happens immediately after that is that this alter-ego of his comes rearing his head in a really horrifying way," added Smith.

Gotham season 2 episode 7 airs this Monday, 2 November, on Fox at 8pm ET. You can click here to watch the episode via live stream online.