Heroes Reborn
In part one of Heroes Reborn, Noah Bennet and Hiro Nakamura time travel to the day of the Odessa explosion NBC

Heroes Reborn is currently unravelling some of its biggest mysteries including the cause of Claire's death and that of her twins. In part one Noah Bennet and Hiro Nakamura are time travelling to 13 June, the day of the Odessa explosion that killed thousands of people.

The events of the previous episode made Noah realise why he purposefully erased his memories of the Odessa blast. The explosion was meticulously planned by Renautas's head Erica Kravid who wanted to use the power of the Evos (evolved humans) for her dark ambitions.

In the previous episode, Angela foresees that Clair's twins, Nathan (Tommy) and Malina will play an important role in defeating Erica's evil ambitions. Noah requests Hiro to take the children back in time in order to save their lives.

One year after the unfortunate event, Tommy and his sister are teens (thanks to time travel) and it will be interesting to see how they will stay protected from the anti-Evo company Renautas and meet their grandfather Bennet. The twins will play an important role as the fate of humanity will depend on them.

The promo, however, shows that Tommy will be captured by Erica's henchman while Noah and Hiro are trying in vain to save him. Here is the official synopsis of episode 8 titled June 13th - Part Two: "In the wake of an unspeakable tragedy, Erica Kravid (Rya Khilstedt) puts her dark plan into motion with Renautas. Hiro (guest star Masi Oka) and Angela (guest star Cristine Rose) are tasked with an important mission that could change the course of humanity. In Odessa, a distraught Luke (Zachary Levi) and Joanne (Judi Shekoni) come to realize their tragic mission after the loss of their son. Meanwhile, Noah Bennet (Jack Coleman) has an unexpected reunion with Matt Parkman (guest star Greg Grunberg). In Japan, the origins of Miko (Kiki Sukezane) come to light. Elsewhere, the truth behind Carlos' (Ryan Guzman) military service is revealed."

Click here to watch Heroes Reborn episode 8 via live stream. You can also watch the episode online here. The upcoming episode will feature the backstory of Miko that will unravel the secrets about how and why she was created by Hachiro Otomo. The popular mini-series airs every Thursday night on NBC network.