Heroes Reborn
After surviving the car crash, Tommy will use his superpowers to save the life of someone close to him probably his mother NBC

Heroes Reborn returns with another exciting episode this Thursday. Episode 4 is titled, The Needs Of Many, where Hiro Nakamura will make his return on the NBC superhero miniseries. He might hold some vital clues about the reason behind the horrific explosion that rocked the Unity Summit in Odessa, Texas, on 13 June 2014.

Claire Bennet had died in the incident after she fell off the Ferris Wheel. In the current series, her father Noah aka HRG is searching for clues to find out what happened on the fateful day, as he has no memory of the summit.

In the previous episode, Noah had stopped near a hospital to get Quentin treated after he was shot at, while searching for Molly at the Renautas headquarters in Midian. There, he learns that his daughter had died at hospital, and not at the blast site as previously believed.

While reviewing the CCTV footage he suspects that Hiro may know what exactly caused the explosion at the summit.

In the latest promo, HRG can be seen meeting Hiro, and referring to him as his old friend. Meanwhile, Tommy, with his teleportation powers, survives a deadly car crash, but may be forced to use his powers to save most probably his mother, who was with him during the accident.

The synopsis of episode 4 reads:

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Further, Ranautus CEO Erica Kravid is still torturing Molly and is using her as a subject with her new invented machine EPIC. Kravid is harnessing her special powers and is using it to detect EVOs.

To know what transpires next, watch Heroes Reborn on Thursdays on the NBC network.