• The trailer did not have any wheels and was being dragged along.
  • Multiple spot fires ignited in bush adjacent to the Bruce Highway.

Police launched a hot pursuit after this lorry driver, who drove 20km with his trailer fully engulfed by flames and without any wheels refused to stop.

Queensland Police Service released dashcam footage showing police intercepting the vehicle, which was scattering burning debris in its wake. Shockingly, the male driver did not even stop immediately when an officer activated flashing lights and sirens.

Police had received reports that a trailer being towed by a Holden Rodeo had caught fire on the Bruce Highway north of Brisbane in the early hours of Thursday morning (18 January), and a squad car found the lorry at about 3am.

Police said the burning trailer was depositing burning debris on the road, and spraying sparks and flames all over the highway, as seen in the footage. The chaotic scenes became even more dramatic as the trailer had lost its wheels and was being dragged along.

The 49-year-old driver from Kybong then initially ignored police attempts to pull the vehicle over, before eventually stopping at an intersection. The driver is now assisting police with their investigations into the incident.

Police later discovered further information to suggest the driver had travelled around 20 kilometres north along the Bruce Highway while totally engulfed in flames.

The burning debris littered along this long section of road caused multiple spot fires in the adjoining bushland.

Queensland Police Service posted the dashcam footage on Facebook, saying: "Can you spot the bright spark? HINT: It's not in the driver's seat."

Social media users were also flabbergasted by the driver's actions. A commenter said: "One of the mysteries of the world is how these sorts of idiots make it through far enough in life to get to adulthood."

However, others saw the funny side of the incident. The lorry was compared to Doc Brown's Delorean in Back To The Future, which left a trail of fire in its wake as it accelerated to 88mph, and others joked that it was a "hot pursuit" or even the only way to stop anyone tailgating you on the highway.