An Irish stag party have staked their claim for the most original and entertaining bachelor bash of 2017: They went on a pub crawl in the back of a vintage tractor with a bagpipe player in tow.

Stag Paul McGuigan and around 20 of his mates piled into a livestock trailer hitched up to an old, rusty tractor and headed from bar to bar in County Monaghan on Saturday (1 July).

The party were already in high spirits as they pulled up outside Mac's Bar in Ballytrain. They emerged out of the rudimentary holding box followed behind them by a fully-kilted musician.

The group clearly behaved themselves because Mac's Bar shared footage of their unusual arrival on Facebook and thanked them for their custom.

In a Facebook post, the bar said: "Thanks Paul for having some of your stag here in Ballytrain, we have now created a new taxi service Ballytrain express.

"We had an excellent evening with them between the craic in the pub an the tug of war they were a strong team."

Just over 60,000 people were reported to live in County Monaghan at the time of the 2011 census. It is part of the Irish republic which straddles the border with Northern Ireland.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has vowed to maintain "friction-free" movement between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland when the UK withdraws from the European Union.

Irish stag tractor
The stags were 'herded' from one pub to another Facebook / Mac's Bar Ballytrain