An elephant has thrown a man through the air after he tried to climb up the animal's trunk.

It is believed the man – who has not been named – was trying to recreate a scene from popular Indian movie Baahubali, where the protagonist jumps on top of an elephant from its trunk.

The incident, occurred on Sunday 12 November, was live streamed on Facebook by a friend of the man, who lost conscience after falling on the ground. He was rushed to hospital.

The failed stunt took place in Karimannoor, near Thodupuzha in Kerala state, where the man and his friends were on holiday, the Times of India reported.

The group spotted the animal in a rubber plantation. Before the man tried the stunt, he tried to lure the elephant with some bananas.

A friend can be heard saying in the video: "Don't go near the elephant. Don't go! Don't go! You're drunk. The elephant will go mad," NDTV reported.

However, the man ignores his friend's warning and approaches the animal, trying to kiss its trunk before attempting to climb it.

The man is then knocked unconscious as he hits his head on the ground. His friends run towards him and shout: "Is he dead? No, no, he's alive."

Police are investigating the incident, according to the News Minute.

It is believed the man was trying to recreate a scene from popular Indian movie Baahubali YouTube Screenshot