Limitless finale
Rebecca and Brian in Limitless season 1 finale pictures CBS

The second part of Limitless season 1 finale will air this Tuesday (26 April) at 10pm EST on CBS Network. In episode 22 titled Finale: Part Two, Brian Finch and the FBI will race to take down NZT-enabled Sands and his associates.

The official synopsis for finale episode reads as follows:

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The previous episode ended with DEA agent-turned-traitor Adam Brewster breaking out Sands (Colin Salmon) from jail and the upcoming episode picks up with the FBI trying to catch Sands. Also, Brian, who no longer has access to the immunity shots, will start to experience the side effects of the drug.

Executive producer and showrunner Craig Sweeny spoke to IGN about what to expect in the finale episode. He said: "I would say that the more immediate problem as far as they're concerned in the finale is probably going to be Sands and his people."

Sweeny explained that the finale will be concerned with taking down Sands and his people. The showrunner shared: "That's not to say they're not interested in Morra. They continue to want to prove that Senator Morra is on NZT but the more immediate threat has announced itself dramatically at the end of part one of the finale. So it's safe to assume that the big bad they're more concerned with taking down in 'Finale: Part Two!!' — with two exclamation points — is Sands and his people."

Sweeny teased that the finale will be a "deadly serious" episode. He said: "The stakes are as high as they'll ever get in this season — and yet, you have Brian trying to imagine what a team of essentially supervillains are up to. So what you imagine that, you can probably picture what that looks like in his head. We see the Legion of Whom lair in Brian's head, we see the costumes as Brian envisions them. So yeah, it's a deadly serious episode but there's a lot of fun to be had too."

Will Brian and Rebecca take Sands down? Can Brian survive without immunity shots? Do not miss the "deadly" season finale of Limitless on CBS.