As the world waits to learn the fate of the Saudi Arabian miniskirt-wearing model Khulood, who is currently being held by police in Riyadh, IBTimes UK has collated all of the Snapchat footage that could cost her her freedom.

Seen together, the clips tell the story of a young woman enjoying a day out with a friend, not bothering anyone, wearing what she wants.

They show Khulood dressed in her now infamous black and white miniskirt and black crop top – her legs and midriff exposed – strolling peacefully across the Arabian sands in Najd province.

Then, in the most widely shared images, she walks through an ancient fort in the village of Ushaiager – disregarding the kingdom's strict Islamic dress code in a moment of defiance that has now been watched across the globe.

Finally, in perhaps the most intimate of all the offerings, model Khulood is seen in a selfie video as she sings along to an Arabian pop song in the passenger seat of a moving car.

The videos suggest that Khulood was in the presence of one other person during her day out, who drove the car and also operated filmed in the fort and desert.

This is consistent with a statement yesterday (18 July) from Saudi Arabian police, reported locally, saying: "She admitted to visiting the site in question with a male guardian, and that the viral videos were published by an account attributed to her without her knowledge."

Who that man is, and what motivated him to so badly incriminate Khulood is a burning question.

The videos were published online on 16 July though it is unclear when they were filmed. Nadj province is one of the most conservative regions and was the birthplace of the Wahhabism, the ultra-fundamental strand of Islam practiced in Saudi Arabia.

Model Khulood saudi miniskirt
Mode Khulood sings in the car storyful screengrab

Khulood, whose full identity has still not been announced, has been thrust front and centre into the ongoing debate about women's rights and restrictions in the kingdom.

Women must wear loose fitting robes from the shoulder to the toe called "abayas" in public, as well as a headscarves if they are Muslim.

Competing Twitter hashtags emerged after the video went viral, with one demanding her arrest called arrest and another asserting that freedom of dress should not be a crime.

"Just like we call on people to respect the laws of countries they travel to, people must also respect the laws of this country," wrote Ibrahim al-Munayif, a Saudi writer with more than 41,000 followers.

"If she was a foreigner, they would sing about the beauty of her waist and the enchantment of her eyes... But because she is Saudi they are calling for her arrest," said Twitter user Fatima al-Issa.

 Woman's Miniskirt Sparks Outrage in Saudi Arabia

With more than half of the population of Saudi Arabia under 25-years-old, the country's 30-year-old heir to the throne, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, has tried to modernise the country.

He has lobbied to restrict the powers of the religious police and pushed for greater openings for entertainment in part to appease the country's youth.

But strict gender segregation rules and other restrictions on women's movement remain in place. A powerful religious establishment is resistant to modernisation.