Once Upon A Time season 5 returns with an all-new episode on 17 April, where Ruby and Mulan will team up with Emma, Regina and Snow to save Dorothy. Also, Snow and Charming will come up with a plan to escape from the Underworld to reunite with their son, Neal.

Episode 18 is titled, Ruby Slippers, which will air on Sunday at 8pm EST on ABC Network. The official synopsis reads as follows:

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The episode will pick up from episode 17, where Snow, Emma and Regina found out that the beast hunting them was Red Riding Hood aka Ruby in the form of a wolf. A promo for the upcoming episode shows Regina asking Zelena, "You trapped Dorothy in an unbreakable curse?" To which the Wicked Witch replies, "I am sorry that I am good at what I do."

The promo voice-over then says, "Will the Wicked Witch get her Revenge? Not with Mulan and Red Riding Hood to the rescue. But wait! The Lord of the dead [Hades] has other plans." The promo ends with Hades telling Emma, Snow and Regina: "The Gods don't like it when mortals play with their toys."

So what do you think. Will Snow and Charming escape from the Undetworld? To know more, do not miss this Sunday's episode of Once Upon A Time.