Outlander season 2 episode 8
Claire and Jamie in Outlander season 2 episode 8 Starz

The Frasers Parisian's tour is coming to end as Claire and Jamie will return to Scotland in the upcoming episode of Outlander season 2. Episode 8 titled The Fox's Lair will air on 28 May at 9pm ET/PT on Starz network.

The official synopsis reads as follows:

Claire and Jamie call upon Jamie's grandsire, Lord Lovat, in an attempt to elicit support for the Jacobite cause. However, a visiting Colum MacKenzie has other plans, and Lord Lovat's manipulative machinations ensure that no matter what, his own interests will be served.

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The previous episode of Outlander was a difficult one for Claire, who suffered a miscarriage and had to sleep with the King of France to get Jamie out of jail. By the end of the episode, the Frasers decided to move back to Scotland.

A promo for the episode shows Jamie and Claire back in Scotland with his family. But his sister Jenny is not happy about Jamie's plan to seek help from their grandfather Lord Lovat. Jenny asks: "You're going to see Lord Lovat? It's a fool's errand. The old folk does nothing without a price." But a confident Jamie adds: " He does have a history of supporting the Jacobites!"

Then we see Jamie meeting Lord Lovat to negotiate sending troops to support Charles Stuart's rebellion but the Lord asks for Jamie's wife "honour" in return for his help.

Caitriona Balfe spoke to TV Line about Jamie and Claire's return to Scotland. She said: "Scotland's a very healing place for them. That is their home, and that's why we've been fighting so hard in these first seven episodes to change the political landscape of Scotland so that they can go home. "

Balfe revealed that Jamie and Claire's bond gets stronger in upcoming episodes. She shared: "Unfortunately, France has proved to be a very disastrous place for them... Jamie says is that the weight of this pain is too much to bear for either of them alone, so they need to be together. We'll see, going forward, how they heal and how this bond gets stronger. We know from Act 1 [of the season] that maybe things don't work out completely, but I think you will see the old Claire and Jamie that we've come to know from before."