Person of Interest season 5
Person Of Interest season 5 premieres on 3 May on CBS CBS

Person Of Interest season 5, which is also the final season of the series, premieres on 3 May at 10pm EST on the CBS Network. Episode 1 titled, B.S.O.D, will mark the beginning of an end for the CBS series with John Reese and Harold Finch attempting to rescue the Machine.

The official synopsis of the premiere episode reads as follows:

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Michael Emerson who plays Finch spoke to TVGuide about the Machine reboot in episode 1. "The writers ... take that idea of having to try to reconstitute a very large and complicated system, and [explore] what might go wrong along the way to rebooting it. In the course of being hyper-compressed, as it was at the end of Season 4, some damage or crossed wires, if I can use that term, have occurred.

"And they need to be dealt with before the Machine can be useful again. ... And of course, it creates a forum for a philosophical battle between Mr. Finch and Root, because they're collaborating on the reboot and she likes a more powerful, less ethical enemy for Samaritan. She wants it just to go for it. ... But Mr. Finch will try to hold onto the original concept," he said.

Explaining the differences between the Machine and Samaritan, executive producer Greg Plageman shared, "We've always seen that Samaritan does what it wants to for its own purposes. It's programmed for a certain goal, and whether or not humanity becomes collateral damage isn't necessarily its concern."

"What we've always come to believe about our Machine, given that Harold Finch was the initial coder of the Machine, is that he would never allow it to harm anyone, or never proactively do anything adverse to a human being. Those themes become more emergent as the season goes on, " he stressed.

The executive producer also teased some details about the series finale saying, "These last 13 episodes are gonna run like a freight train. [Fans] will be richly rewarded if they stick with it to the end."