If there is anything that we remember from the 2002 horror movie The Ring, it is its sinister ghost Samara, a long-dead girl who crawled out of a television in the movie and gave us nightmares.

The scene was way too terrifying, but can you imagine Samara coming out of your TV? Well, that's what it feels like in this spooky video shared by a developer named Abhishek Singh.

Singh used augmented reality platform Unity and simulated the entire scene with a few critical twists.

The ghost gets out of the well, exactly how we as we saw in the movie, but instead of crawling out of the movie character's television, it crawls into Singh's living room and starts walking towards him -- thanks to the magic of augmented reality.

With jet black hair covering her eyes and a shadow behind, the whole thing looks realistic enough to scare the hell out of the viewer. The AR version of Samara even follows the viewer around his home.

Unity has a plugin that is compatible with Apple's ARKit and can be used to add animated imagery into real-life scenarios, something that came into the limelight with the famous AR game Pokémon Go.

Another developer Mike Woods created a similar AR-based simulation of the scene last year, but Singh's version appears much more detailed and scarier.

Several twitter users expressed their ghostly fears after the video went viral: