Scandal season 5
Shonda Rhimes's political thriller is back with episode 18 titled Till Death Do Us Part ABC

Scandal season 5 returns this week with episode 18 titled Till Death Do Us Part, which will highlight Jake and Rowan Pope's deadly plotting and Olivia Pope's dilemma after she killed former VP Andrew Nichols.

In the previous episode, Liv tried to move on from her remorseless deed by spending some time at Papa Pope's place where both Rowan and Jake Ballard will try to make her understand that she did the right thing.

But is this the actual situation for the crisis manager? A sneak peek video released by ABC tells a different story. According to the video, Liv is planning her entire act to get hold of what her father and her former boyfriend are up to.

"Olivia, you are up," says Rowan when he sees his daughter leaving behind the murder memories and getting ready to get some fresh air. He also offers her a piece of advice and says, "Just go easy." However, she soon meets Huck and Quinn during a on a jog and informs them that that "they are buying the entire act".

In the same episode, Liv will learn about Jake's wedding with Vanessa, which was moved ahead of its planned schedule. According to the official synopsis, Olivia is forced to make a gut-wrenching attempt to stop the vicious plan that Rowan and Jake wish to execute. It seems like there will be some major drama during the wedding as Jake's involvement with B6-13 will also be revealed in episode 18.

So what do you think, will Olivia foil Rowan and Jake's plot? To know more, watch Scandal season 5 episode 18 that will air on 21 April at 9pm EDT on ABC network.

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