Scandal season 5
Fitz and Olivia's steamy reunion was leaked ABC

Olivia's ambitions plan to save Fitz from impeachment forced her to help her terrorist father Rowan Pope escape from prison. But just when she thought all her problems had been solved, she is in for another major threat from an unknown source. Episode 8 of Scandal season 5 will focus on that danger and will reveal who is after Rowan's life and how it is a threat to Liv.

"You thought that getting rid of me would cause lilies to sprout while mankind locked arms in a collective embrace and sang joyously to never ending world peace. You were wrong. I am out and now there's just some other devil in my stead," Papa Pope tells his daughter during their secret meeting (via ABC).

He also mentions that Jake's hunt for him is not much of a concern for him but that he is more worried about the devils in his state who are far more dangerous. However, his daughter does not seem to be concerned about him getting death threats.

The official synopsis of episode 8 titled Rasputin reads: "In the midst of Fitz negotiating a historic peace deal, Olivia must rely on her instincts when a guest of the The White House discloses powerful intel. Meanwhile, Jake uses Huck's help to get closer to his target, and Cyrus takes matters into his own hands when he realizes he's been shut out of the inner circle."

Mellie, who is furious at Olitz's affair going public, will pressurize Liv to tell Fitz about her involvement in helping Papa Pope escape from prison. Scandal season 5 airs every Thursday on ABC network. Click here to watch the episode live stream online. Watch the sneak peek video below.