Secrets and Lies season 2
Eric Warner confesses to Detective Cornell of stalking his wife Kate Warner ABC

Secrets And Lies season 2, ABC's anthology thriller, sees detective Andrea Cornell racing to solve another murder mystery. In the first season, she solved the case of Tom Murphy's murder, which impressed her superiors who appointed her to investigate a high profile case.

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In the premiere episode, the wife of Eric Warner, an heir apparent of his family's private equity firm, died after falling from a 12-story building. But this was no accident as the police found evidence that his death was a premeditated murder.

Enter detective Cornell, a highly efficient officer who has a hawk's eye on Eric as she thinks he has every reason to kill his wife. In the latest promo released by ABC, Cornell grills Eric without his attorney as she is suspicious that Eric is hiding something.

"Two weeks ago, I was watching my wife having dinner with her ex boyfriend Shane," he says and when Cornell asks him about trust issues between the couple, he snaps back saying: "I trust my wife. I don't trust Shane Campbell."

"No matter how much you dig," Eric challenges Cornell who is extremely suspicious of his murderous motives, "you'll never find anything to prove I killed my wife."

The official synopsis of episode 2 titled The Husband reads as follows:

Eric's shocking past transgression leads Detective Cornell to interrogate him, revealing the first of Kate's many secrets. Desperate to prove that his life with Kate wasn't just one big lie, Amanda helps him search for answers. Despite her strong objections, Eric wants to bring his new findings to Detective Cornell. However, once he sees an ex-girlfriend - one of his worst nightmares - with Cornell at the police station, his hopes of redirecting her investigation quickly fade.

Eric's dark past and his family's suspicious behaviour have give Cornell reasons to believe that the killer is someone within the Warner's. The show airs on Sunday nights on ABC.