Spiderman, Spiderman (3 percent)
The trailer further sheds some light on the conflict between Tony Stark (Iron Man) and Steve Rogers (Captain America) spiderman.sonypictures.com

Spider-Man has finally showed up in the latest teaser of Captain America: Civil War. Spidey's appearance in the trailer is significant as it informs the fans that the action hero is on Tony Stark's side, though what might happen in the movie is hard to guess.

The web-slinger makes an appearance at the very end of the two-and-half minute trailer. He makes a dramatic entry by snatching Steve Rogers's shield and tying his hands using his web before landing on top of the roof of a van.

The trailer further sheds some light on the conflict between Robert Downey Jr (Iron Man) and Chris Evans (Captain America). In the preceding trailer, an all-out battle between Stark and Rogers groups was shown following a difference of opinion on whether the government should be allowed to place regulations on the superheroes.

While Iron Man advocates the regulations, Captain America is not in favour of it, which leads to a confrontation in the first place. The Avengers based on their personal reasons choose sides.

The fresh trailer begins by showing all the destruction caused by the Avengers, even as Stark and Rogers discuss the issue of regulating superheroes. While the former says: "We need to be put in check. Whatever form that takes, I'm game," the later replies: "I know we're not perfect but the safest hands are still our own."

Captain America: Civil War hits theatres on 6 May 2016