Star Wars Rebels season 2
Crew of the Ghost team in Star Wars Rebels season 2 DisneyXD

The backstory of Garazeb Orrelios, aka Zeb, as a captain of the Lasan Honor Guard will be shown as he is reunited with two fellow Lasan survivors in Star Wars Rebels season 2's upcoming chapter. Episode 12 is titled Legends Of The Lasat, which airs on 3 February at 9pm ET/PT on Disney XD.

The official synopsis reads as follows:

When the crew of the Ghost agrees to help two refugees who are revealed to be surviving Lasat, Zeb must come to terms with his past to help his people reach their new home.

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Zeb was the captain of the Lasan Honor Guard before joining the Lothal resistance movement. He was one of the few Lasats to survive the devastation of his home world by Empire. A new promo for the episode shows Zeb meeting Gron and Chava, two fellow Lasan survivors.

Gron looks at Zen and declares, "It is him, captain Orrelios" and we hear Chava say, "The prophesy is fullfilled." Ezra is surprised to hear this as Chava clarifies, "[He is] Captain Garazeb Orrelios, Lasan Honor Guard."

They both bow before Zeb, who says, "I thought I was the last of us. How is this possible?" Gron asks if he remembers him and Zeb points out that he looks familiar. Then Gron says, "I served under you in the guard" and introduces Chava to him.

Ezra says, "I didn't know you were a captain!" Hera adds, "He never told any of us." Zeb clarifies and explains, "It was so long ago. Well I forgot!"

The Ghost crew's wise newcomer, Chava, explains the prophecy of the fool, the warrior and the child in the second promo for the episode. She says, "The Ashla led us to the pirate, then to you, so we may find our path to the new world."

When questioned, Chava explains to Ezra that Ashla is the spirit of the Galaxy. Kanan also points out that the Force has many names. She then explains the prophecy of the fool, the warrior and the child. She says, "The fool, simple and selfish, he would lead; the warrior, bold and bloodthirsty will to hunt the hope of tomorrow, the child to destroy him. We will find our new hope only if the child saves the warrior and the fool."