Teen Wolf season 5 episode 15
Stiles visits Lydia in Eichen House in Teen Wolf season 5 MTV

Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski will team up to rescue Lydia Martin from Eichen House in Teen Wolf season 5's all-new chapter. Episode 15 is titled Amplification, which airs this Tuesday, 2 February, at 9pm ET on MTV.

The official synopsis for the episode reads as follows:

After discovering Lydia is in imminent danger, Stiles creates a desperate plan to break her out of Eichen House. Unbeknownst to Scott and his pack, however, Theo has his own plans for Lydia.

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By the end of last week's episode, Scott has reunited the majority of his pack and even started making plans to rescue the last member, Lydia. Showrunner Jeff Davis previously told Entertainment Weekly, that episode 15 and 16 will be a two-part episode on breaking Lydia out of Eichen.

Davis revealed, "Her [Lydia] finding her power is critical to the season. That's why we decided to make episodes 15 and 16 a two-part episode around her, which is the breaking-Lydia-out-of-Eichen episode." According to the showrunner, Lydia is "a critical piece of the season" and added, "At one point, one of the characters says something along the lines of, 'She might be the one who can save us all.' "

Holland Roden, who plays Lydia, talks about her arc in an interview with Hollywood Life. "I think Stiles and Lydia re-kindled their friendship this season, where they grow closer. Just based on the fact that they have been though so much together.

"Lydia has struggled a lot this season. I think that going forward, she has honed her skills. Meredith [Meredith Walker] has taught her how to use this skill, that's going to help, basically with the final brawl in Beacon Hills this season," said the 29-year-old actress.

Speaking about Stiles and Lydia's romance, the actress gushed, "I can say that there are some romantic scenes for Lydia this season, but I cannot say with who."

"There are some important key moments between Lydia and Stiles that the fans would definitely appreciate," she added.