The X-Files returns with a monster-of-the-week episode, where FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully will investigate a new case, featuring a "Were-Monster". Episode 3 is titled Mulder & Scully Meet The Were-Monster, which airs on 1 February at 8pm EST on Fox.

Warning: Potential spoilers ahead

The official synopsis of the episode reads as follows:

When a dead body is found in the woods, Mulder and Scully are called in to investigate whether it was an animal attack, a serial killer or just maybe a strange creature as described by eyewitnesses. Meanwhile, Mulder is able to confront some of his own demons about feeling disillusioned with his life's work in the all-new Mulder & Scully Meet The Were-Monster.

Click here to watch the episode live stream via Fox Now. You can also watch the episode online by clicking here (only in the US). The episode is written and directed by Darin Morgan.

Guest stars Rhys Darby and Kumail Nanjiani will be seen on the show as Guy Mann and Pasha, respectively. Nanjiani hosts a podcast called "The X-Files Files", where he and a guest discuss various episodes of the show.

Meanwhile, Darby is confident that the episode will be "satisfying for an X-Files fan. It's the ultimate episode. And it's funny, which is the icing on the cake for me". He spoke highly about his fellow guest star, Nanjiani and told Entertainment Weekly, "I didn't know how much of an obsessed fan he was."

The 41-year old comedian said, "We shared our enthusiasm and nerves, and then of course when we were around the people we just played it cool. I said to him, 'Look, just play it cool. Make it look as though you're not really into it.' And he said, 'Well, it's a bit hard to do.' I mean, he's got a podcast all about it. So I said, 'Oh, you're screwed. I'll just play it cool myself'. So I did."