Suits season 5 returns with its final six episodes in January picking up from the shocking midseason finale. In the last episode, Mike's big secret was finally exposed, leading to his arrest.

In his recent interview with Backstage, actor Patrick J Adams discussed how he is actually looking forward to dealing with this big twist and the new dynamic, regarding his character. (via Design & Trend)

"I'm really happy we've been forced to deal with something we were building up to for a long time," said Adams. "I actually felt we could have done it two seasons ago. There was a little bit of treading water for my character, not purposely, but I was always trying to find new ways to make him interesting."

The midseason premiere episode of Suits season 5 will feature Mike facing the ruthless government prosecutor Anita Gibbs (Leslie Hope) who is determined to see him behind bars.

"Maybe you think you've committed a victimless crime ... you haven't," Gibbs tells Mike in the upcoming episode's extended promo (below). "You committed fraud every time you picked up the phone, mailed the letters, signed your name or appeared in court."

She adds, "In case you think that your people are rushing down here to bail you out, you have another thing coming."

Suits season 5, episode 11, titled Blowback airs on 27 January, at 10pm ET on the USA Network. Watch the trailer for the episode below: