Where to watch Suits season 5, episode 10 live stream online USA Network

Suits fans can expect some major twists and shockers on the show as the season 5 summer finale - episode 10 titled Faith airs on Wednesday, 26 August. Harvey's fate remains uncertain as in the upcoming episode's promo, he is seen asking his therapist Paula if he should quit the firm.

"With their backs against the wall, Jessica and Louis make a last-ditch effort to rally the support of the partners, as Daniel Hardman and Jack Soloff attempt a takeover of the firm. Meanwhile, Mike and Harvey must each face down the demons of their past in order to make potentially life-altering decisions," reads the official synopsis for Suits season 5 episode 10.

The last episode revealed that it is Charles Forstman who is funding Daniel Hardman's effort to take over Pearson Specter Litt. Forstman agrees to cut off Hardman's funding on the condition that Harvey resigns from his position as managing partner at the firm.

"Though Harvey's isn't really a quitter, it wouldn't be surprising if he eventually accepts Forstman's deal, most especially now that he has appeared less self-centered since he started seeing her psychiatrist Dr Paula," states a Design & Trend report. Meanwhile, Mike continues to struggle with his secret as the thought of marrying Rachel and continuing his fraudulent career haunts him.

Will they go through with the wedding? Or will the summer finale end in 'heartbreak'? In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Megan Markle (who plays Rachel) teased what's in store for Rachel and Mike:

"Mike Ross has a really heavy decision to make and the stakes couldn't be higher," she stated. "Not just in this moment but really in the life of their relationship. If Robert Zane were to find out... It's just all of those layers of it, so Rachel is really making a bold statement in how much she is standing by her man. All I will say is, I really hope she doesn't end up heartbroken in whatever capacity that may be."

Suits season 5 summer finale - episode 10 titled Faith airs on 26 August at 9pm ET on USA Network. You can click here or here to watch the episode via live stream online.