Robot musicians
Industrial robots play various real instruments in the video clip Screen grab- YouTube/Nigel John Stanford

A new video released by New Zealand-based artist Nigel Stanford shows a band of robots playing a variety of musical instruments in a track called Automatica.

The track begins with two industrial robots playing a bass guitar. Soon, other robots join in, each playing its own instrument to hit precise notes. There is a drum, a turntable, an organ and even a synthesiser that the robots play.

The video goes on to show robots taking control of the music after which they destroy all the instruments in spectacular fashion. There is even a precise, laser cutting robot that slices through the instruments while Stanford stands amidst all the chaos, leading the track out in his own guitar.

While the video itself is designed to be cinematic, it shows how robots could potentially be used as musicians in the future. Last month, an AI program called Amper had composed and produced an entire musical album on its own. Earlier this month, a robot was reported to have led a live orchestra in opera.

The robots for Stanford's project came from Kuka, which is an industrial robotics firm. He apparently taught the robots to play the music by programming them on his own as he composed the track, working by himself for over a month.

"I do all of the programming," Stanford said, "I think it's important to come at the scientific aspects from the perspective of a musician."

The track is a single from the album Robots vs. Music by Nigel Stanford.