Vampire Diaries season 7
Stefan learns more upsetting facts about Valerie in TVD season 7 premiere CW

Vampire Diaries season 7 is getting interesting with each episode as the battle between Damon and Lily is intensifying. The sustained fight between the heretics and Bonnie Bennett, Alaric Saltzman, Caroline Forbes and Stefan Salvatore has gone so bad that it seems that one of them would certainly not make it to the finale.

Also, a lot of things are happening between Stefan and Caroline, due to Valerie's mysterious past with the younger vampire brother. According to the synopsis, the next episode will reveal more details about the Phoenix stone. Bonnie will warn Alaric about the danger of the stone, as he is planning to revive Jo by using its magical powers.

Unaware of Valerie's evil plans, Steroline will dig deeper into her past and try an unravel some bitter facts. The elder Salvatore, meanwhile, will realise that it is time to say final goodbyes to Elena and would try and move on.

Here is the official synopsis of TVD season 7 episode 5 titled Live Through This:

In episode 4, Damon found Oscar, but before he could return him to Lily, Valerie kills him. In order to save the Whitmore college students from Mary Louise and Nora, the elder Salvatore brother, Alaric and Bonnie use the Phoenix stone to bring Oscar back to life and exchange him with Elena.

TVD season 7 airs every Thursday night at 8/7pm CT on the CW network. Episode 5 is directed by Kellie Cyrus and written by Rebecca Sonnenshine.