A video of a massive hog, which escaped its home, wandering around eastern Alabama in the US has gone viral after local resident Angela Rena, who was travelling through the Phoenix City, spotted the animal and captured it with her camera. She has posted the photos and videos on her Facebook page.

According to reports, the huge rust-coloured hog weighed around 700-800 pounds.

"I was in Fontaine Park in Phoenix City. I'm not sure if anyone called Animal Control," Rena told Daily Mail news website.

Rena said she was scared and started to move away. But even though she was frightful, she said she couldn't help but take more pictures and videos of the animal.

"I just had to turn back around and take some pics. There were a couple cars slowing down looking as they were leaving Fontaine Park," she told Daily Mail.

The hog's home is believed to be Eason Woods, a former pottery production site turned "wild preserve", Ledger-Enquirer news website reported.

Kevin Harris and Tony Brown, the caretakers at the Eason Woods, have been taking care of the hog since it was a piglet.

They told the news website that the male hog is about 2 years old, 2 feet tall, and lives with a female pig.

After viewing photos of the animal, the caretakers confirmed it was indeed their missing hog. They were actively searching for the animal in hope for it to return.

At the Eason Woods, all sorts of animals live on the 400-acre property, including guineas, barn cats, chickens, goats, donkeys and two big hogs.