The Walking Dead
Actor Steven Yeun as Glenn in The Walking Dead AMC/The Walking Dead

If latest rumours and spoiler reports around the upcoming episode 3 of The Walking Dead season 6 are to be believed, then fans should brace themselves, for what could be one of the most shocking and heart-breaking episodes of the series.

Rick and group will try to get back to Alexandria but clearly, they will encounter trouble on the way. The brief synopsis for this week's episode titled, Thank You, teases: "A return home doesn't go as expected," and the promo features Rick warning the others in the video - "No waiting. No hiding. Something's in front of you -- you kill it."

Fans fearing some casualties on the upcoming episode, may not like what's coming ahead. As per reports, two characters are likely to die, including one fan favourite.

Warning: Potential spoilers ahead, proceed at your own risk.

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Here's what The Spoiling Dead Fans (TSDF) Facebook Page reveals about what's in store in Thank You:

"Glenn and Nicholas are on top of a dumpster surrounded by walkers. Nicholas starts to have a panic attack or something. Slow motion shit with ringing sounds over the top. He pulls out a gun and says thank you to Glenn and boom! Glenn gets a face full of blood. As he falls off the dumpster he ends up pushing Glenn off. Not on purpose or anything, it's like Glenn tried to catch him and they both tumble off. Walkers then rip Glenn's chest apart."

So there it is. Glenn might just die a gruesome death in this week's episode. However, there could be an unlikely twist there somewhere. TSDF go on to suggest that "Glenn could simply be hallucinating or dreaming about Nicholas' death later on after watching him kill himself." The fan page also states that actor Steven Yeun (who plays Glenn) has reportedly been "seen in costume on the set numerous times after the filming of this episode, this week even."

Interestingly, Yeun also teased trouble for Glenn recently when the cast spoke about the upcoming season at a press event. "This season, we get to pull the camera out a little bit further and see the world for what it is. You have to either catch up – or be completely taken out," Yeun said. "Yes, I'm worried about Glenn..." the actor stated.

Meanwhile, AMC has revealed that next week's episode of TWD season 6 will be 90-minutes long - dubbed as The Walking Dead Mega Sunday. In the episode, titled Here's Not Here, the survivors must ask themselves who can be trusted, and better yet, can they change?

The Walking Dead season 6 episode 3 airs this Sunday, 25 October at 9pm ET on AMC. Click here to watch it online via live stream.