One in five Britons watch TV programmes while on the toilet.

Almost one in five British viewers use their smartphone to catch up on their favourite TV programmes while on the toilet, a poll has revealed.

According to a study on viewing habits conducted by Motorola Mobility, the average UK smartphone user spends more than 24 hours a week enjoying programmes and movies on their handsets.

Further research found that some consumers used their smartphone to pass the time during their bathroom visits.

It found that 16 per cent of Britons use their smartphones in the bathroom and 10 per cent of people watch shows on a tablet in the toilet.

"This study shows us that consumers take their viewing experiences very seriously," said Motorola Mobility's senior VP John Burke. "But they're frustrated.

"Increasingly, they're using tablets and smartphones to view content and they expect this experience to transition seamlessly across their favourite programmes, whenever and wherever they like."

The global study, conducted across 17 countries, also suggests that although live viewing continues to dominate, almost a third (29 percent) of UK weekly TV viewing is recorded content. Almost a third of recorded content is never watched.

Weekly viewing figures were highest in the US - 29 hours a week - and lowest in Sweden and Japan - 17 hours.