Wayward Pines returns from a brief hiatus with a new episode on 25 June at 9pm on Fox.

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Episode 5 made major revelations, including the fact that the show is set in the year 4028 and the fence surrounding the town of Wayward Pines is to protect civilians from the Abbies, the violent and twisted descendants of the human race.

Episode 6 is titled Choices and the official synopsis reads as follows:

Ethan gets a tour of the facility and personnel that manage the day-to-day operations of Wayward Pines and learns more about the history and how the residents ended up in the eerie town. Meanwhile, at the realty office, Theresa finds a map of an unusual plot of land she wants to investigate and Kate and Harold are planning a covert operation.

Ethan and nurse Pam don't really got along, but now that the truth is out, Ethan finally understands that the issue between them is just a "misunderstanding."

"I am sure you are angry with me, everything is confusing. But i assure you there is a purpose to everything you find so strange" Pam tells Ethan while attending to his wounds in a new promo.

"This has all been one big misunderstanding, huh?" Ethan asks.

Pam replies "I suppose that's hard for you to accept, but yes."

"I am glad we got that cleared up," says Ethan.

The nurse also tells the agent that he needs to take responsibility for the town and help David to save humanity's remaining hope.

Pam says in the promo video, "Since you came here, you have been trying to save your self, save your wife, save your beautiful son, it's commendable. Wayward Pines is bigger than you, bigger than them, it's bigger than anyone of us. David ... needs to take responsibility for all of Wayward Pines."

Another promo shows David giving Ethan the tour of his facility. David says, "Testing cryonic suspension was dangerous and illegal. I couldn't have made it public even if i wanted to."

"How did you hide the funding?" questions Ethan.

"You have enough money you can get away with anything," says David.

Later, the promo shows a nurse saying, "Doctor Pilcher, she is stable now." We see Pam with a girl who is lying unconscious. Ethan wants to know who she is. "Sara Burlow from Missouri, she is a teacher," says a nurse.

The promo ends with Ethan saying, "How many more are there?"

A new poster unveiled by Fox teases the arrival of the Abbies, also known as aberrations, in the Wayward Pines town. Their return means doom for the town's people, as they are a big threat to the new civilisation of the year 2048.

The poster caption reads: "More Twists. More Danger." A promo for the episode shows Ethan (Matt Dillon) being attacked by the Abbies.